Day trip to Zhuhai, Guangdong

We don’t have the ability to hire a car in China – an international driving license means nothing here – so we are limited with our options for day trips whilst working in Shenzhen.

We’ve explored our temporary “hometown” and wanted to venture a little further afield. I was surprised to hear from one of my students, that the much smaller coastal city of Zhuhai, could be reached within an hour by ferry from our port just 10 minutes from our home.

She said it was a beautiful city with excellent seafood, so we decided to take an overnight visit to find out for ourselves.

After nine months living in one of the most populated cities on earth, Zhuhai was a breath of fresh air – quite literally! If you’d live to find out more about this small city and it’s surrounding islands, take a read of my latest article, written exclusively for Sapore Di Cina

Travel to Zhuhai – a coastal gem in the South China Sea


3 thoughts on “Day trip to Zhuhai, Guangdong”

  1. Zhuhai really seems like a worth visiting city! I’d love to go there one day. How long would you suggest staying there?

  2. I’m more than a little surprised that the Chinese are concerned with whether or not folks have drivers licenses . . . but, if it’s anything like Ghana, it’s probably best to pay someone else, buckle up, and make peace with any deities you follow–and perhaps a few others, just to be safe.

    1. Totally agree Connor. The penalty for causing harm or death to another person whilst driving in China, and especially illegally (the death penalty), is a good enough deterrent for me. Electric bikes though are an altogether different matter ….. 🙂

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