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The Rule of Surf’s Up!

Turning your passion in life into a job is the dream scenario for many, but what about those of us who aren’t lucky enough to do so. How much should we allow work to dictate our lives?

This Australian plumber has a refreshing approach to employee wellbeing.


I had been living in Australia for less than a year, having made the decision to emigrate from England after another chilly and depressing winter. Things had gone well for us in the land down under, and my wife and I were having a beautiful home built for us in one of Perth’s southern suburbs.

We had bought a block of land and contracted a company to build a house for us, following one of their off-the-shelf plans, with a few minor modifications we had requested. One change we wanted involved the pipework and fixtures in the main bathroom and on the Wednesday morning I was scheduled to meet the plumber to give him ………..

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Five ways for entrepreneurs to encourage creative thinking

You probably don’t need me to point this out to you, but as entrepreneurs we generally tend to think a little differently to most other people. That’s what makes us entrepreneurs after all, isn’t it?

We think creatively, produce unusual out-of-the-box ideas, see problems as opportunities and come up with unique ideas or solutions. Entrepreneurs push boundaries. They create new ways to solve old problems, develop innovative new products and challenge old ways of thinking about, and doing business.

So why are we now entertaining a suggestion that our entrepreneurs may have lost the will or the ability to innovate?

Perhaps one of the reasons can be found by recognizing that many entrepreneurs will inevitably need to move their focus away from innovation as their business takes shape. Let’s face it. You started out in business because you had a brilliant idea, a creative brainwave. Your entrepreneurial mindset could see the potential ………..

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Three extraordinary marketing ideas

Why entrepreneurs need  to walk the road less travelled.





When you’re trying to get your brand or product out there you needinspire people. Here are three examples of marketing strategies that underline the importance of thinking outside of the box…

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How to stave off boredom and stay excited in business

What is the opposite of happiness? Come on, hands up. Who has the word sadness in mind right now? If you do you’re not alone…

I have recently been re-reading ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss. It’s an eye-opening and inspiring book. I’d suggest any budding entrepreneur add it to their reading list. At one point Tim asks the seemingly simple question: What is the opposite of happiness?

If you are in the majority who answers sadness, then Tim would argue that you are wrong. Happiness and sadness are simply two sides of the same coin, two aspects of the same emotion. In the same way, he suggests, love and hate are not opposites. Both are an expression of a very strong emotional reaction to something or someone.

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