Ian Usher

In 2008 Ian Usher made world headlines when he listed his “entire life” for sale on eBay.

He followed that adventure with a two year journey around the world, tackling a bucket list of 100 lifetime goals in a challenging timeframe of 100 weeks. One of the goals he achieved was to meet Richard Branson.

Walt Disney Pictures then bought the movie rights to Ian’s amazing story and he invested that money, in true Richard Branson style, in a small Caribbean island.

Ian has spoken at TEDx in Vienna, and recently featured on UK documentary show “Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild”. Ian’s current projects involve public speaking and helping others to achieve their own goals.

For more information please visit Ian’s own website
Ian is also a guest blogger for Virgin Entrepreneur – you will find all his articles here at:   Virgin Articles
To buy Ian’s books click the links below:

A Life Sold
A Life Sold

Paradise Delayed
Paradise Delayed

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