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I’ve been wondering lately how to manage all the interesting blogs and information that I read. It seems that we all love to write and share our experiences. But as it becomes more and more easy to create stylish information based websites, I find myself drawn to so many articles.

And the problem is that I wander.

I wander through all the links and find inevitably that I’ve lost the original article I was so interested in reading! I guess I’ve been so busy getting lost deep within layers of internet searches that I haven’t had time to find Bloglovin’

After dallying briefly with Feedly I sort of gave up – but thanks to a great travel blog I was linked to last night I finally found Bloglovin’

So far so good – and here I am now “claiming my blog”. I was instructed to write a new blog and insert the relevant code but none of my latest blog posts are ready. So as I’m an impatient girl, I’ve written this short entry to test that it works!

For anyone reading these few short paragraphs, please, please take time to look at my “real” articles! I’m a global traveller living with my partner, Ian Usher, and partaking in a lifestyle adventure that I hope will see me through the rest of my life!

Two years ago Ian and I began travelling the world after a chance meeting in London. DivergingRoads.com tells our story as we meander happily through our lifestyle adventure, finding ways to make a living while experiencing as many cultures as possible.

I hope you find some inspiration here to live your life exactly as you want to.

More coming very soon!

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