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DSC02581In 2013 I surfaced from the breakup of  a long-term relationship and moved from the beautiful countryside of South Wales, in the UK, to the cosmopolitan city of London. I had a challenging job, found a great place to live and my new life was looking extremely promising.

I thought that was as much of a life-changing adventure to be having in mid life, whilst I figured out what to do next!

But then in an unexpected encounter I met Ian Usher – maybe you remember?  He was the guy who sold his life on eBay to finance 100 goals in 100 weeks.

We “clicked” and it wasn’t long before I was to find out the real meaning of “life change”.  Within just a couple of months I had given up my job, my home, my entire life in the UK to move to Panama where I lived with Ian on his small Caribbean island.

Within two months we were featured in a UK TV documentary with Ben Fogle – New Lives in the Wild.

You can see the show at this YouTube link, if you are outside the UK:


Within another six months we had bought an RV in Texas, and spent six glorious months traveling around the Southern States of America.

We ticked off one of my bucket list items by hiking the Grand Canyon, not just north to south, but then back across – 45 miles in all. You can read about that adventure here:


Then we began living and working as English teachers in China, followed by teaching online and combining travel with full time house sitting.  Seven years later we believe we’ve found the perfect freedom lifestyle, something we’d never have achieved if we hadn’t come across the house sitting lifestyle.

For more information about house sitting take a look at the FREE publication we produce for the community – House Sitting Magazine.

My life has changed and challenged me in ways I would never have imagined and I’d like to share some of my past, present and future experiences with you on this website.

“Diverging Roads” will I hope, be an inspiration for some of you to also embark upon “the road less traveled” to live a freedom lifestyle!

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. The road less traveled, Vanessa, is the road to Self-discovery.
    Deep, lasting happiness only comes from selfless service, trying to make this planet a better place for all to leave in peace.
    Not from going places and doing stuff.
    Wishing you the best in all cases. Much Love, light and laughter on the way.
    (It happens I have just seen the UK TV documentary with Ben Fogle tonight on French TV, which is why I searched you on the Web..)

  2. What a great story and example of how life is full of surprises! This is inspiring and confirms once more that if you stay active and take action, then you will get results. All the best to you and Ian on your travels and your challenges in life! Happy Travels 😀

    1. Thanks Jey and yes, that’s what I love now, that life is just one big surprise, good and bad, but it doesn’t matter either way. I have just read your story which is amazing too and I hope you get to live out all your dreams. I related to your story in your blog.
      When I was at school I got an E in English Literature – my crime = to have used my own opinions!! I knew then that my approach to life was going to be very different! Good luck with everything and we look forward to following your adventure! 🙂

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